Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do your parties last?
A: Parties include 1 hour and forty-minutes of party time. You may arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your party’s start time in order to put your food in place or do any additional decorating.

Q: What age children may have parties at your facility?
A: Birthday kids typically range in age from walking toddlers up through age twelve. Party activities will be planned according to the age of the birthday child and the majority of his/her guests. However, participants may range in age from babies up to seventeen years of age. Participants under the age of three should be accompanied by a parent.

Q: When can I have my party?
A: Parties may be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays. We do private parties, so space is limited. Please call our front desk for available times.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my party?
A: We recommend that you schedule your party as soon as you decide to have your party with us. Some weekends fill up as early as two to three months ahead of time, while other weekends remain open until the week prior.

Q: How many children can I invite?
A: On average, 75-80% of invited guests will attend the party. Small party packages include 14 invitations and are intended for up to 12 children. Large party packages include 24 invitations are intended for up to 20 children. If you exceed your party package size by more than 2 participants, additional fees apply.

Q: Can I bring snack foods to the party? And what about extra decorations?
A: You are welcome to bring whatever food items you like. Just remember, we do not provide serving utensils so if you need bowls or serving spoons you must bring those with your food. You may also bring additional decorations such as balloons, or table center pieces, but we cannot hang piñatas.

Q: May I bring my own plates and napkins to the party?
A: Yes, you may bring your own tableware. We will still provide our paper products, and you may use them as extras, or for serving adults.