Gym Safari Early Childhood Gymnastics and Movement Education

Boys and girls, 14 months of age through 1st grade, develop listening skills, practice locomotor skills like galloping, marching and skipping. Students gain body awareness while learning tumbling skills. They improve upper body strength while climbing, swinging, and learning bar skills. They develop balance and coordination, and they enjoy learning different types of jumps on the trampoline or springboard. Choose from classes that emphasize the learning of gymnastics, combine gymnastics with cheer or dance skills, incorporate musical games and activities, or focus on the development of sports skills like throwing and kicking. The school year is divided into terms, with each term including 9 weeks of class. The annual registration fee per family, not per child, is $25. Click here for our summer schedule.


View our class schedule below. Click the register link in the left column to enroll online, or download and print a registration form to register by mail or in person. Call 478-718-7306 for front desk hours.

Sensational Kids Early Learning Program

Our unique curriculum focuses on a hands-on approach to education that engages the senses to encourage the overall development of the body and brain for students ranging from 2-4 years of age. Lots and lots of various types of movement foster the development of neural pathways in the brain, encourage reading readiness, build strong healthy bodies, and lay the foundation for healthy active lifelong habits. Shhh...don't tell the kids that. They just like it because it's fun! Our sensorimotor curriculum is written by a Board Certified Athletic Trainer with a Master of Science in Kinesiology. Our academic curriculum component is written in consultation with a Georgia Certified teacher with a Master of Education. And, our lead teacher has over 20 years of experience instructing young children, a sincere desire to help them get the best out of these important early years, and oodles of endless patience. Plus, kids love her! Contact us for enrollment details. Click here to download more information about Sensational Kids.


Group Activities

Are you the administrator for a play group, school, or childcare facility? We offer group activities. Schedule your play date, field trip, or mobile event by contacting us. Give us a call and we'll discuss fun, purposeful activities that your kids will love!


View our school year class schedule below. New students click the register link in the left column to enroll online, or download and print a registration form to register by mail or in person. Returning students login to enroll. We welcome questions and comments from parents, so please give us a call at 478-718-7306 for assistance.